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Why Building Automation Systems Are At Risk Of Cyberattack

Building automation systems play an integral role in the health and welfare of the most valuable assets of most any organization: their people and their property. These systems provide automated control of, and human interaction with, mechanical systems that are often complex, expensive and critical to the operation of facilities while consuming significant energy. Proper design, development and operation of building automation systems is fundamental to the sustainability of the modern built environment. Largely through the management of information, these systems empower building engineers and facility executives to manage their environment and cultivate their built portfolios.

In a recent article for Facilitiesnet, contributed by Fred Gordy, aѕ new tесhnоlоgу empowers thе world tо wоrk in a fаѕtеr, mоrе соnnесtеd way, so does the threat of a cyber attack. Devices such as Public IP’s have now offered hackers the path of least resistance. Hackers may or may not be looking to compromise or destroy equipment. They may be looking for another way into the company network and they know that control networks have little or no security and that these networks are not typically monitored for threats or intrusions.

Your employees’ well-being, inventory, and business operations are at stake when your facility goes down.  If your building automation system is linked to your IT system, then any proprietary information could end up in the hands of a hacker. Safeguarding against hacking should be a priority for all businesses; whether large or small, all companies are at risk.

Building automation system security isn’t a luxury. Check out the full article here to understand how your building automation system might be vulnerable to hackers, and how to work with IT to mitigate the risk.

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Who’s Watching Your Facility?

Do you feel safe at your facility? If you avoid the darkest parts of your parking garage at night or notice an increase in vandalism or littering on your property, your security practices could probably use an overhaul, according to a recent post on crime prevention on BUILDINGS.

Any site or building can benefit from integrating the principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), principles based on anticipating the thought processes of a potential offender and creating an environment that discourages follow-through.

CPTED is a layered approach combining four principles which work together to create an environment that both makes potential criminals uncomfortable and enables occupants to notice anything out of place:

  • Natural surveillance
  • Natural access control
  • Territorial reinforcement
  • Maintenance

These principles follow the flow of foot traffic, from designated paths onto and through the site to the layout of the building interior.

Is your building implementing CPTED as well as it could be? Explore each of the principles here in greater detail. It may be time take a second look at your building’s CPTED practices.

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