Concrete and Asphalt Maintenance 101

The Importance of Properly Maintaining Paved Surfaces

One in five accidents take place in parking lots according to the NHSTA. American drivers spend an estimated 3 billion dollars per year to repair damage caused by potholes, with repair costs ranging from $250 to $1000 dollars per incident.

For most customers, the first impression of a company begins in the parking lot. Taking proper care of your asphalt and concrete surfaces will ensure that your company always puts its best foot forward. Properly maintaining parking lots and other outdoor concrete and asphalt surfaces such as sidewalks and stairs also contributes greatly to the safety of these areas. With as many as one in five accidents taking place in parking lots, and a $3 billion estimated annual cost to repair vehicle damage caused by potholes, proper maintenance is really not an optional item on any facility managers list.

What causes asphalt to deteriorate?

 A number of factors can affect the speed at which asphalt and asphalt sealants degrade. Typically, asphalt sealant will be the first thing to go. Vehicle fluids such as leaking oil or antifreeze and all kinds of inclement weather such as rain, wind, and ice will break down sealants and cause asphalt to deteriorate. Those closer to coastlines must also deal with the effects of sand which tears up asphalt surfaces when ground into them by wind and car tires. This has led many beachfront business owners to switch their parking lots to concrete, which reduces the need for repairs in the long run. While the initial switch to concrete can be costly, the money is made back over time because concrete requires less frequent maintenance. Concrete must also be sealed and repaired, but not as frequently.

Why do asphalt and concrete need to be repaired and maintained?

 First impressions and curb appeal are big factors for businesses. If the outside of a business is not well maintained, customers may think the business is failing and choose to go elsewhere. Safety concerns are also important. Potholes pose a danger to both pedestrians and vehicles. No company wants to deal with a customer’s twisted ankle or flat tire, doctor or car repair bill, and potential lawsuits due to improper parking lot maintenance. Parking lot surfaces are also important for directing water flow in the event of heavy rains. Erosion can cause surfaces to slant and result in water runoff and damage to your business or neighboring properties. Areas with heavy rain can also be subject to sinkholes which require special underground detection equipment for proper treatment.

When should asphalt be sealed?

Depending on geographic location and climate, it is recommended that most businesses get a sealcoat on their asphalt surfaces every three years, and no longer than every five years. Even the smallest cracks can grow into larger cracks which spread and allow water to penetrate. The same applies to concrete. Once the damage becomes too severe, a sealant will no longer be sufficient to restore the surface, and more costly and time-consuming measures will then be necessary. In these instances, lots must be milled and overlayed. More expensive projects such as these have the potential to inconvenience customers and disrupt services for longer stretches of time, so it is best to use preventive measures instead.

Lakeside Project Solutions takes pride in our customer relationships and can provide a maintenance schedule to help prevent more costly repairs. Unlike some companies, Lakeside routinely does two coats of sealer to provide the most protection for a longer time.

How long does fixing an asphalt lot take?

Time can vary depending on the scope of the job, but Lakeside will make sure that your customers and your business are affected as little as possible. We work with you to perform lot maintenance at times which work best for your business, and in ways that minimize the impact on the ability of your customers to park. This can be achieved in various ways, such as only obstructing one entrance at a time if there are multiple entrances, or working at night after regular operating hours. Our years of experience will ensure that your specific needs are addressed.

About Lakeside Project Solutions: 

Lakeside Project Solutions can remove the stress from your next asphalt or concrete project. Our expertise in the field enables us to tackle your job and recognize what needs to be done to keep your lots and curbs in great shape for as long as possible. We save you time and money through reliable quoting and pricing. We provide guidance on ADA regulations regarding parking lots, curbs, and accessibility ramps, and ensure use of proper materials and permitting. Lakeside Project Solutions is ready to help.

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