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As industries change to meet new technological and business process innovations, the role of facilities management is changing with it. Decisions about facilities are becoming more strategic as businesses streamline and seek to gain scale and efficiency. Outsourcing facilities management has long been the answer, but managing varied vendors, SLA’s, and pricing structures can be time consuming and costly. The industry has expressed a growing need for integrated facilities management services. Lakeside Project Solutions has answered this need. Given our broad range of services, Lakeside offers clients an integrated package that addresses their most critical needs from a single provider.

How we work

Tailored Package

Each package is made specifically for you and your business.


Establish and measure project benchmarks for increased efficiency.


Clear and concise. No surprises.

Project managers at Lakeside Project Solutions oversee our integrated solutions packages, which are tailored to client needs. Lakeside focuses on a collaborative and consultative approach to developing integrated facilities solutions. We establish KPIs and metrics to monitor scheduling and cycle of services. Cost is never a surprise with Lakeside’s integrated services, as a specific SLA is drawn up with a schedule of costs and discrete SOW. Lakeside is your strategic partner and single source for integrated services.

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Have questions for us?

We would be happy to help you with your facility management needs!

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