Why Multi-site Projects are a Facilities Challenge

Managing multiple storefronts across many regions presents challenges for many retail and restaurant chains. When you are managing a national chain, part of your organization’s success can be attributed to the consistency of that brand, which may be reflected throughout your facility, from the appearance of the parking lot, to signage, checkout stations, and even the color of the paint on the walls.

Brand Consistency and Facility Management

Brand consistency provides reassurance to your customers that their experience will be the same from one location to the next. From a valuation perspective, companies with a consistent brand are worth 20% more than those with an inconsistent brand.

When the need for brand consistency intersects with the need to update, renovate or otherwise change an aspect of your stores or restaurants, facilities management becomes complicated. While improvements are necessary, juggling the various aspects of the projects can create a headache for facility managers. Costs can also be difficult to predict when you are working with facilities in different states and regions. How much will you pay for labor or materials at different locations? How can you ensure that the quality of the labor and the materials will be not only consistent, but also conform to your corporate standards?

To add to these challenges, while branding and other aspects of your facilities are similar, each individual facility is a unique building and may have site-specific characteristics that need to be considered and accommodated when approaching a multi-site project.

Often, multi-site projects need to be completed within a set time frame to support an operational initiative or to maintain a consistent appearance within a set number of locations, such as:

  • Electrical infrastructure to support a tech display in time for the holiday season
  • A restaurant refurbishment that’s tied to the release of a new menu theme, or
  • Installation of new signage due to a logo refresh


Solving Multi-site Project Headaches

For facilities managers, trying to tackle a large multi-site project can be an operational nightmare, draining time, money and other valuable resources away from the aspects of facility management that are more directly tied to the bottom line. One solution to alleviate the burden of managing a multi-site project while still meeting your budget, goal and timeline, is to outsource the project to an experience facilities management partner.

How Outsourcing Multi-site Projects Alleviates Burdens

A trusted facility management service provider delivers access to qualified skilled labor, provides exceptional project management, and maintains transparency through technology that allows you visibility into the status of your multi-site projects, by location, through one point of access. This means you’re free from the burden of managing all the details, but still have access to monitor the progress of the project at both the individual facility level and overall.

Before you undertake your organizations next multi-site project without support from a service provider, consider the indirect costs to many departments as you attempt to manage a project across locations, using different suppliers and vendors. How much time will finance, procurement, legal, IT and other departments have to dedicate to support the project?

Outsourcing your multi-site project supports your organization with two elements essential to project success: flawless execution and business continuance. The right facility management service partner will ensure flawless execution through a thorough vetting of the project up front and solid management of the project through completion and can also ensure business continuance by providing access to all needed resources on a timeline that won’t impact normal business operations. On-site staff won’t be pulled in to manage the project or fulfill the work, so business can operate as usual.

A Trusted Partner

Working with Lakeside Project Solutions on your multi-site projects ensures that you’ll receive identical, quality service across multiple locations. Your costs are predictable because we are able to leverage bulk pricing for materials and labor. Most importantly, you’ll have one point of contact, a project manager who takes care of every aspect of the project at each location, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Unmatched Multi-site Expertise

For a decade, Lakeside has successfully supported regional and national multi-site projects, benefitting our customers by:

  • Providing a turn-key experience for our customers
  • Ensuring reliable installation and operational processes
  • Delivering brand and user experience consistency
  • Managing a flawless execution through a single point of contact
  • Guaranteeing predictable pricing
  • Supporting business continuance

Our diverse multi-site project expertise, working for some of the most recognized retail brands in the US, makes us the ideal partner for your next big multiple facility upgrade or enhancement. Below are some recently completed projects:

  • Installation of new price scanners at 150 locations for a retail apparel brand
  • Induction burners wired and installed at over 50 locations for a casual dining brand
  • Performed scheduled lighting maintenance & HVAC PM Inspections for a bank with 77 locations
  • Parking lot refurbishments at over 130 locations for an automotive parts supplier
  • Exterior rebranding at over 100 locations for an office supply retailer

Lakeside has extensive experience tacking a variety of types of multi-site projects and a proven process to ensure flawless execution and business continuance for our customers. Our expertise extends to a wide range of project needs, including:

  • Building out or removing displays and kiosks
  • Installing power poles and dedicated electrical circuits
  • Updating lighting
  • Branding paint
  • Recovering upholstery
  • Replacing fixtures or signage
  • Moving, refurbishing or replacing check-out counters
  • Refreshing parking lots, including ADA compliance
  • Repairing and renovating storefronts
  • Preparing facilities for weather events
  • Conducting multi-site surveys to prep for various initiatives and improvements

Contact Lakeside Project Solutions today for support with your next multi-site project.

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