Financial Services

Financial services firms are highly strategic when it comes to effectively managing costs, resources, and scheduling of services in a complex regulatory environment. Lakeside Project Solutions understands that financial services firms, like yours, need a trusted, single source partner for your facilities management solutions. Lakeside is committed to maintaining an open dialogue with our clients to ensure that each project is strategic, adheres to timelines, and that results are measurable via Lakeside’s unique metrics. Our clients know what to expect on every project.

We keep open dialogue with you.

Strategic Planning

We ensure that every facilities event is strategic

Project Timeline

We ensure that every event adheres to project timelines


All results are measured via Lakeside’s unique metrics

Lakeside Project Solutions consistently delivers value over the life of the project. Our teams provide clear communication and proactive forecasting to all of our service facilities, from large banking operations to small or mid-sized retail banking locations.

With Lakeside Project Solutions, you can:

  • Manage costs, resources, and schedules across all projects.
  • Reduce compliance issues.
  • Accurately forecast costs to completion and reduce change orders.
  • Accurately forecast project delivery date.
  • Reduce your risk of litigation.

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