When Disaster Strikes: Is Your Business Ready for Hurricane Season?

The peak of the 2019 hurricane season is upon us, and the tropics are expected to deliver between two and four major hurricanes (category 3, 4 or 5 with winds of 111 mph or higher), according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (www.NOAA.gov).   In 2018, thousands of companies were affected by devastating Hurricanes Michael and Florence and unfortunately, many never reopened their doors.  The damages they faced — including water-soaked walls, ruined equipment, flooding, and wind damage that caused punctured walls and broken windows — serve as proof of that comprehensive disaster preparation is crucial for your business.

When a storm threatens, you know that there is a strong possibility that your ability to operate will be impacted in the short term, at minimum. It’s understandable that you’ll want to continue to operate your core business and bring in revenue until the last reasonable moment, because it’s impossible to predict how long business will be impaired after the storm passes. It can be challenging to prepare for a disaster as you are also trying to maintain operations, bring in revenue and support your employees as they also put emergency plans into place.

After the storm passes, you may be dealing with setting up contingency operations, replacing staff who have evacuated, and handling insurance and other matters. But, your ability to get back up and operating quickly is vital to resuming business and your revenue stream. Companies who are able to prepare for and bounce back more quickly after a disaster will often wisely choose to partner with a service provider to support preparation and recovery efforts, allowing them to focus on operating core business functions.

Hurricane preparation and recovery is a critical service that Lakeside provides for clients. Each of our skilled team members follows exacting protocols established by Lakeside’s technical experts to ensure the safety of people and property. We monitor the weather 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have on-call support for any emergency that arises. Our crisis-trained storm teams, distributed across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, respond with equipment and expertise to provide physical support to first responders as they stabilize client facilities so that repair and reconstruction can begin. 

We also offer a wide scope of Disaster Preparation services — such as storefront board-up and board removal, sandbag systems and roof drainage inspection  — to help your business prepare for a weather emergency and to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible once the storm clears. Contact us at 704-483-3739 or visit us on our website at www.lakesideps.com. When you partner with Lakeside, there is no need to waste valuable time sourcing various vendors and materials, and best of all you’ll have peace of mind during a critical time for your business.

About Lakeside Project Solutions

Lakeside Project Solutions provides facilities maintenance services serving customers across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and spanning many industries, including: Financial, Healthcare, Retail, Restaurant, and more. Lakeside employs a customer centered approach, first understanding the client’s needs and applying strategic thinking to tactical action. From small-scale custom fit-outs to massive multi-site renovations, and everything in between, Lakeside leverages years of experience, expert project management, and measurable results via unique KPIs. By combining unique Facilities Management Software solutions with dedicated project managers and a vetted network of partners, Lakeside is able to bring consistent, responsible, and effective results.

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