Fire Remediation

Spend Less Time Sourcing in Crucial Times

Acting fast after a fire is critical when it comes to saving your property.

At Lakeside Project Solutions, we offer fire remediation as a service to restore your business damaged by fire and bring it back to life. Each of our skilled team members follow exacting protocols established by Lakeside’s technical experts to ensure the safety of people and property. Lakeside workers respond with equipment and expertise to provide physical support to first responders as they stabilize client facilities so that repair and reconstruction can begin.  

The Unexpected Consequences of a Fire

While the general assumption is that the worst damages caused by a fire are due to the physical flames and smoke, this isn’t entirely the case. In fact, there are several unexpected forms of destruction that can be caused by a fire that can be both time-consuming and costly to fix. Here are six of the most common unexpected damages that can be caused by even the smallest of fires:

  1. Utility downtime: When a fire breaks out in a building, it can lead to several important utilities being taken offline. Electrical, gas and internet can likely be shut off to avoid any further damage. The length of time that these utilities are down depends on the size and impact of the fire. Oftentimes, these utilities are taken offline as a preventative safety measure. However, a fire can also knock out these utilities for an undetermined period of time.
  2. Flooding: Every business has automatic fire safety procedures. For most buildings, fire suppression sprinklers are installed in the case of an unexpected fire. While these sprinklers can do wonders for fighting the physical fire, they can do damage of their own. If a fire is on a higher level of the building and fire suppression sprinklers are used, this can cause flooding in the lower levels of your building and even leave severe water damage.
  3. Smoke damage: While heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are imperative to have installed in commercial buildings, they can intensify damage if a fire were to break out. HVAC systems can push fire smoke, which contains acid and a pungent odor, throughout the entire building. Even if a fire breaks out in only one area, the smoke can be transported throughout the entire building and cause damage of its own.
  4. Lost data- Depending on where in an office building a fire breaks out, it can spread to computers and other important data-storing electronic equipment, as well as file cabinets. If the fire spreads to these areas, valuable information can be lost.
  5. Chemical residues: Some commercial buildings have chemical-based fire suppression systems, which are effective at stopping fires, but can cause additional damage. If this system is activated, you will be left with chemical residues that need to be professionally and carefully cleaned.
  6. Asbestos risks- If your building is older and a fire breaks out, you could be at risk from asbestos. Asbestos was a common building material in the past, but has since been labeled as toxic. If your building contains asbestos, a fire could bring asbestos particles into the air, which would lead to restricted building access and potential loss of equipment and furniture within the building.

 Why Choose Us? 

o    One-stop shop for all disaster preparedness and recovery needs

o    24/7 on-call support

o    Every work order assigned to a knowledgeable recovery team

o    Crisis-trained response teams ready for deployment

o    Single point of contact provides “peace of mind”

o    On-call Dedicated Project Manager

o    Understanding the process of scopes serviced

o    Tiered pricing/bundle options available

Services Include:

  • Smoke and soot damage Assessment
  • Triage of Structural Damage
  • Removal/Build back
  • Demolition/clean-up
  • Emergency Response
  • Unscheduled, after hours facilities maintenance emergencies
  • Power and electrical systems 
  • Debris removal 
  • Medical Utility System Failure

Lakeside Project Solutions has a proven track record when it comes to response times in the industry and is committed to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With our rapid response emergency services team, distributed across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, Lakeside can dispatch, assess, and repair an emergency within hours.

We offer a wide scope of Disaster Recovery services to help your business for any emergency you might face. Contact us at 704-483-3739 or visit us on our website at when you want to spend less time sourcing in critical times and more time having peace of mind.

About Lakeside Project Solutions

Lakeside Project Solutions provides facilities management services serving customers across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and spanning many industries, including: Financial, Healthcare, Retail, Restaurant, and more. Lakeside employs a customer centered approach, first understanding the client’s needs and applying strategic thinking to tactical action. From small-scale custom fit-outs to massive multi-site renovations, and everything in between, Lakeside leverages years of experience, expert project management, and measurable results via unique KPIs. By combining unique Facilities Management Software solutions with dedicated project managers and a vetted network of partners, Lakeside is able to bring consistent, responsible, and effective results.

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