Quality Assurance

Lakeside Project Solutions is unique among other Facilities Management firms in that we provide end-to-end quality assurance and inspection prior to, during, and at the end of every project to ensure we meet performance standards. Lakeside offers core and supporting processes and technologies that underscore every service we provide, consistently exceeding client expectations. Our policies, processes, and tools allow our experienced Project Managers to align services with customer needs and meet compliances with a flexible, integrated approach to facilities management.

We take Quality Assurance serious

End-to-End QA

We inspect each project before, during and after the project is complete.


We offer core & supporting processes for every facilities services that we offer.

Align Services & Customer Needs

Our Experienced Project Managers align services with customers needs.

By conducting quality assurance across our global portfolio of facilities managed, Lakeside Project Solutions creates exponential value for our clients via lessons learned. The aggregated data is archived into Lakeside’s knowledge base, scrubbed of confidential client information, and applied broadly to our award winning metrics and KPIs. This allows Lakeside to offer improvement opportunities, pulse-checks, cost benefits analysis, process efficiencies and economies of scale.

  • Standards Reports
  • Total Quality Assurance and Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Service Parameters
  • Control PLans
  • Developer Metrics/Set Metric Tolerances
  • Define Target Results

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